Talk with Emily Graham!

To talk with Emily, just type your text into the box that says, “Say to Emily” and then press . Your comment and Emily’s response will appear below the box.

We are just testing things at this point, so some of Emily’s responses will be a bit “off”. Your talking with her will help us improve things, so please come back and visit again to help her learn!

Thank you for visiting!

About this Conversation Activity

This conversation activity is part of a much bigger project we are creating to coincide with the 2020 release of the fourth Emily Graham adventure, Discontinue! Along with the new book, J. B. is creating a unique, interactive, virtual world based on the story of the new book. The world is being built in Second Life, and will include the opportunity to talk with several key characters in all four Emily Graham books. The virtual environment will also be where you can find lots of ‘behind the scenes’ details of all four books, as well as some of the real-world research that serves as the foundation of the books.

With your help, we hope to have the virtual environment open for you to visit later this summer. You can help that happen by coming back occasionally to talk with Emily and other characters to help them prepare.